High school

This is my class when I’m in high school:

X.3 :

Which was a good class. I got many new friends here. study together with them for about a year was becoming unforgetable experience in my life. In this class, I still need to adapt with the condition. this the time when I tried to find my ability. the class was started at 7.30 am. In the class, I still have less awareness to study . so, most of the time I spent for playing with my friends.

XI. Science 1:

This is the time when my emotionality hard to be controlled. I started to focus in studying in the class. but, sometimes I cound not make it.

XII. Science 3:

This is where I am now (2012). I do not know what will happen in the future.but, I just focus on what will I face in the future. I start to use most of my time to study. because I want to pass the National Examination with a good score. so , I can go to good university that I want.

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