Robot virus

Malware Robot Virus and Hacking Concept Royalty Free Stock Photo

In 1001, there was a genius boy. His name is Goriouse evans. He was 15 yaers old. He was the only person that left in his family. His father, mother and his younger sister was died because genocide. This genoside is hapenned because there was many virus that can make someone dead. That was really tragic.

One year after the tragedy, he continued his study. He got scholarship from government, because he was really genius. He always use his time for studying. One day, he was thinking about his family. And he wants to revenge, by killing everyone who had ever make mistake.

In 1003, he started his mission to revenge. By his endeavour he made a great  technology. By this technology he can kill every one who was doing bad thing in the past. He made small robot virus. Firstly, he made only one robot virus and he placed it in the city. A few month after, he saw arround 5 people die. So, he continued his mission by making more robot virus.

in 1004, robot virus had kill many people. Almost every people in the world get killed by this robot. Because everyone in the world had ever make mistake. Arround 1000 people dead every year. One day, he was dreaming about his family. His father told to him, to stop this mission. “my beloved son, I don’t want to see you kill many people!!”,said his father. His father try to Convince him, if he was wrong. But, he did not care about it. He just continued his mission.

            In december 1004, he think about his fathers message. He think that was feasible true. Month by month he tried to not continued his mission, unfortunately he can’t.

            He just did nothing in every year.

            Ten years after all robot virus kill everyone. Only the choosen one who can survive. They were the one who never did mistake and the one who were helping each other. No more stealling, rubbing and killing. The condition in the city was so silent.

            One day in 1014, Goriouse evans was gethered all people who were still living. He ask them to live with him, and all of them were agree. One day, there was a genius person. His name is Garetwe. He told to Goriouse to stop the mission. “That is imposible, the robot virus  have separate to all of country in the world”, Goriouse said. “everything is plausible  “, Garetwe said. Actually, Garetwe was Goriouse friend in junior high school. Finally, they work together to kill all of robot virus.

            In 1005, they made the big machine. It was for killing the robot virus. They had failed many times. Finally, they were give up.

            In 1006, they made the big machine that can erase all the technology. When they run the machine. It chage everything. And it change the world become stone age era.

created by bryan wisnu prabowo

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